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pypar2 graphical frontend for the par2 utility
Installed size 284
Maintainer Piotr Ozarowski <ozarow@gmail.com>
Architecture all
Version 0.10-1
Depends par2, python-central (>= 0.5.8), python (>= 2.4), python-gtk2 (>= 2.8.6-1), python-glade2 (>= 2.8.6-1), python-vte (>= 0.12.2-1), python-xml (>= 0.8.4-5)
Suggests python-pyopenssl
File name pool/main/p/pypar2/pypar2_0.10-1_all.deb
Description Par2 files create redundant data that can be used later in case parts of the original data is lost or corrupted. . PyPar2 is a graphical frontend for the par2 command line utility, it is designed to be very easy to use. For this reason: * Advanced settings are present, but hidden by default. * There is no preferences dialog, all selected options are automatically saved and restored. . Homepage: http://pypar2.silent-blade.org/

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