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totem A simple media player for the Gnome desktop (dummy package)
Installed size 192
Maintainer Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.16.5-3
Depends totem-xine (>= 2.16.5-3) | totem-gstreamer (>= 2.16.5-3)
Suggests resolvconf
File name pool/main/t/totem/totem_2.16.5-3_all.deb
Description Its features : . * Play any xine supported file * LIRC support * Shoutcast, m3u, asx, SMIL and ra playlists support * DVD (with menus), VCD and Digital CD (with CDDB) playback * TV-Out configuration with optional resolution switching * 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and stereo audio output * Gnome-vfs input plugin (this was moved to xine-lib) * Full-screen mode (move your mouse and you get nice controls) with Xinerama, dual-head and RandR support * Remote operation mode to control a running Totem * Seek and Volume controls * Aspect ratio toggling, Scaling based on the video's original size * Full keyboard control * Simple playlist with Repeat mode, with saving feature * Gnome and Nautilus integration (Totem registers the file-types, adds a menu item, and uses the proxy configuration) * Nice default logo * Properties window (information about the current movie) * Drag'n'drop and mousewheel actions * Screenshot feature * Brightness and Contrast control * Visualisation plugin when playing audio-only files * Video thumbnailer (Requires nautilus from the GNOME 2.2 release) * Nautilus properties page * Works on remote displays * External subtitle support (xine). * DVD, VCD and OGG/OGM subtitles and languages support * Automatic download of the Windows DLL plugins * Dialog for more accurate seeking * Authentication dialogs when location requires it . Author: Bastien Nocera Homepage: http://www.hadess.net/totem.php3 . This package is a dummy package depending on totem-xine for the moment.

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