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libflorist-dev POSIX.5 Ada interface to operating system services
Installed size 2800
Maintainer Ludovic Brenta <lbrenta@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 2006-1
Depends libflorist2006 (= 2006-1), gnat-4.1
Suggests libflac-dev
File name pool/main/libf/libflorist/libflorist-dev_2006-1_i386.deb
Description FLORIST is an implementation of the IEEE Standards 1003.5: 1992, IEEE STD 1003.5b: 1996, and parts of IEEE STD 1003.5c: 1998, also known as the POSIX Ada Bindings. Using this library, you can call operating system services from within Ada programs. . This package contains the development files and unstripped static library. . WARNING: license changed to pure GPL; see the copyright file for details.

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