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libfreetype6-dev FreeType 2 font engine, development files
Installed size 2980
Maintainer Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 2.2.1-5+etch3
Depends libfreetype6 (= 2.2.1-5+etch3), libc6-dev | libc-dev, zlib1g-dev | libz-dev
Suggests libfreetype6-dev
File name pool/updates/main/f/freetype/libfreetype6-dev_2.2.1-5+etch3_i386.deb
Description The FreeType project is a team of volunteers who develop free, portable and high-quality software solutions for digital typography. They specifically target embedded systems and focus on bringing small, efficient and ubiquitous products. . This package contains all supplementary files (static library, headers and documentation) you need to develop your own programs using the FreeType 2 library.

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