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libiconv-hook-dev header files of libiconv-hook
Installed size 20
Maintainer Tatsuki Sugiura <sugi@nemui.org>
Architecture i386
Version 0.0.20021209-8
Depends libiconv-hook1 (= 0.0.20021209-8)
Suggests libunicode-map-perl, libunicode-map8-perl, libunicode-maputf8-perl
File name pool/main/liba/libapache-mod-encoding/libiconv-hook-dev_0.0.20021209-8_i386.deb
Description This code is iconv compatible interface routine for mod_encoding. Taisuke Yamada writes sample code for hooking iconv() for mod_encoding. . In mod_encoding configuration directive, supports following encoding names additionally: . MSSJIS - This is almost same as SJIS, but is a Microsoft variant of it. . JA-AUTO-SJIS-MS - This is a special converter which does autodetection between UTF-8/JIS/MSSJIS/SJIS/EUC-JP. This itself does not do conversion.

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