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liblua5.1-curl-dev libcURL development files for the lua language version 5.1
Installed size 100
Maintainer Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 0.2.0-3
Depends liblua5.1-curl0 (= 0.2.0-3)
Suggests libtool-doc
File name pool/main/l/lua-curl/liblua5.1-curl-dev_0.2.0-3_i386.deb
Description This package contains the development files of the libcURL lua5.1 bindings, useful to create a statically linked binary (like a C application or a standalone lua interpreter). Homepage: http://www.luaforge.net/projects/luacurl . Currently two different implementations are available at the previous URL, this package includes the one developed for the FreePOPs project (see http://www.freepops.org).

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