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libopenalpp-cvs-dev Object Oriented version of OpenAL
Installed size 184
Maintainer Loic Dachary (OuoU) <loic@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 20060714-3
Depends libopenal-dev, libalut-dev, libvorbis-dev, libopenthreads-dev, libopenalpp-cvs1 (= 20060714-3)
Suggests openafs-doc
File name pool/main/o/openalpp-cvs/libopenalpp-cvs-dev_20060714-3_i386.deb
Description Written in C++, makes OpenAL so much more accessible. Compare openalpp to a scenegraph for OpenGL. . This package contains the files needed to compile applications or other libraries using openalpp.

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