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libregexp-pp-ocaml-dev Syntax extension for OCaml to make Regexp usage much easier
Installed size 188
Maintainer Mike Furr <mfurr@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 1.0.0-2+b1
Depends libpcre-ocaml-dev, ocaml-nox-3.09.2, ocaml-findlib
Suggests java-virtual-machine
File name pool/main/r/regexp-pp/libregexp-pp-ocaml-dev_1.0.0-2+b1_i386.deb
Description Regexp/OCaml provides convenient syntax sugar for regular expression match for strings using PCRE/OCaml library. The features of this macro package are the following: . * Convenient syntax: similar to standard match-with expression . * Binding matching substrings to variables: no more $1, $2, ... . * Automagical easy-to-use type-coercion: no flood of int_of_string etc. . * Support for optional-patterns: gives string option type etc. . * Default values for optional-patterns . A regular expression which appears in the source file will be evaluated only once; it is pre-compiled before actual execution and then cached. The package contains a small macro, called "once", makes any value to be evaluated only once.

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