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liblog4j1.2-java Logging library for java
Installed size 284
Maintainer Debian Java Maintainers <pkg-java-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.2.13-2
Depends kaffe | java1-runtime | java2-runtime
Suggests libgnumail-java
File name pool/main/j/jakarta-log4j1.2/liblog4j1.2-java_1.2.13-2_all.deb
Description log4j is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. . It is possible to enable logging at runtime without modifying the application binary. The log4j package is designed so that log statements can remain in shipped code without incurring a high performance cost. . One of the distinctive features of log4j is the notion of hierarchical loggers. Using loggers it is possible to selectively control which log statements are output at arbitrary granularity. . Log4j can output to: a file, a rolling file, a database with a JDBC driver, many ouput asynchronously, a JMS Topic, a swing based logging console, the NT event log, /dev/null, a SMTP server (using javamail), a socket server, syslog, telnet daemon and stdout. . The format of the output can be defined using one of the various layout (or user defined layout) like: simple text, html, date, pattern defined and XML. . For more details, see http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j

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