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ruby-gnome2 GNOME-related bindings for the Ruby language
Installed size 64
Maintainer Dafydd Harries <daf@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.15.0-1.1etch1
Depends libgnome2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgconf2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libglade2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgtkhtml2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgda2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgtkglext1-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgnomevfs2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgstreamer0.8-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgtksourceview1-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libpanel-applet2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgnomeprint2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgnomeprintui2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), librsvg2-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libgtk-mozembed-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1), libvte-ruby (= 0.15.0-1.1etch1)
Suggests openssh-client, openssh-server
File name pool/updates/main/r/ruby-gnome2/ruby-gnome2_0.15.0-1.1etch1_all.deb
Description These bindings allow use of the GNOME developer platform using the Ruby programming language. . Homepage: http://ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp/ . This is an empty package that depends on the various packages that provide the individual bindings.

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