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archmbox a simple email archiver written in perl
Installed size 88
Maintainer Alberto Furia <straluna@email.it>
Architecture all
Version 4.9.0-1
Depends perl, psmisc, bzip2, uw-mailutils
Suggests libapache-mod-python, libapache2-mod-python
File name pool/main/a/archmbox/archmbox_4.9.0-1_all.deb
Description Archmbox is a simple email archiver written in perl; it parses one or more mailboxes, selects some or all messages and then performs specific actions on the selected messages. At this time archmbox supports mbox and mbx mailbox formats. . Messages selection is based upon a date criteria; an absolute date or a days offset can be specified. It is also possible to refine the selection using regular expressions on the header fields of the message. All archived messages are stored in a new mailbox with the same name of the original one plus .archived as extension (this is the default, but can be changed); the archive mailbox can be saved in gz or bz2 compressed format as well.

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