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htag A tagline/.signature adder for email, news and FidoNet messages.
Installed size 252
Maintainer Jonathan McDowell <noodles@earth.li>
Architecture all
Version 0.0.23-1
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16)
Suggests hplip | foomatic-db-hpijs, cupsys-bsd, gs, sane, xsane, mtools, hpoj-xojpanel
File name pool/main/h/htag/htag_0.0.23-1_all.deb
Description htag is a tagline (aka .signature for those without a Fidonet background) adder but it has now been so over engineered that it will also do anything you want it to[0], do lots of stuff I want it to, and do stuff it wants to. . [0] Or at least it will if you write the appropriate plugin.

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