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pop-before-smtp watch log for POP/IMAP auth, notify MTA to allow relay
Installed size 220
Maintainer Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>
Architecture all
Version 1.41-1
Depends exim4 | mail-transport-agent, libnet-netmask-perl, libtimedate-perl, perl, netbase
Suggests imap-server | pop3-server
File name pool/main/p/pop-before-smtp/pop-before-smtp_1.41-1_all.deb
Description Spam prevention requires preventing open relaying through email servers. However, legitimate users want to be able to relay. If legitimate users always stayed in one spot, they'd be easy to describe to the daemon. However, what with roving laptops, logins from home, etc., legitimate users refuse to stay in one spot. . pop-before-smtp watches the mail log, looking for successful POP/IMAP logins, and includes the originating IP address into a database which can be checked by a Mail Transport Agent (MTA), to allow relaying for people who have recently downloaded their email. . Contrary to other similar tools pop-before-smtp needs no hacking in the mail daemons. It should be run on the same machine as your MTA (since they need to share access to a database file). It also needs access to the POP/IMAP daemons' log file, so these daemons should either (1) also be running on the same machine, or (2) they should be using syslog's remote-logging feature to forward the POP/IMAP messages to the machine where pop-before-smtp and the MTA are running. . Homepage: p://popbsmtp.sourceforge.net/

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