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postgrey greylisting implementation for Postfix
Installed size 152
Maintainer Adrian von Bidder <cmot@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.27-4
Depends libberkeleydb-perl (>= 0.23-2), libnet-dns-perl, adduser, libnet-server-perl (>= 0.87), perl, ucf (>= 0.28)
Suggests doc-linux-html, pgdocs
File name pool/main/p/postgrey/postgrey_1.27-4_all.deb
Description A policy server for Postfix implementing greylisting. . Greylisting means that you reject email from a server on the first try, using the fact that most spammers do not retry to send their email, whereas almost all normal mail servers do. . While Postgrey is designed for the use with Postfix, it can also be used with Exim.

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