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graphthing tool to create, manipulate and study graphs
Installed size 516
Maintainer Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr>
Architecture i386
Version 1.3.2-1
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), libgcc1 (>= 1
Suggests graphicsmagick-dbg
File name pool/main/g/graphthing/graphthing_1.3.2-1_i386.deb
Description Some of the features of GraphThing are: . * Adding, deleting and moving of vertices and edges. * Loading and saving of graphs. * Graph complements, induced subgraphs and line graphs. * Quick creation of many common graphs (complete, cycle, null, star, etc.). * Determination of shortest path, connectivity and Eulericity. * BFS, DFS and Minimum Spanning Tree. * Adjacency matrix (including exponents) and degree sequence. * Chromatic polynomial and chromatic number. * Network algorithms: Maximum network flow. . These `graphs' are mathematical objects that describe relationships between sets; they are not 2D plots, charts, or anything similar to that. . At the moment, only simple graphs and digraphs are supported; that is, no multiple edges or loops. Other than this, GraphThing can handle every type of graph. . Homepage: http://graph.seul.org/

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