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num-utils programs for dealing with numbers from the command line
Installed size 200
Maintainer Bart Martens <bartm@knars.be>
Architecture all
Version 0.5-7
Depends perl
Suggests ntp-doc
File name pool/main/n/num-utils/num-utils_0.5-7_all.deb
Description The 'num-utils' are a set of programs for dealing with numbers from the Unix command line. Much like the other Unix command line utilities like grep, awk, sort, cut, etc. these utilities work on data from both standard in and data from files. . Includes these programs: * numaverage: A program for calculating the average of numbers. * numbound: Finds the boundary numbers (min and max) of input. * numinterval: Shows the numeric intervals between each number in a sequence. * numnormalize: Normalizes a set of numbers between 0 and 1 by default. * numgrep: Like normal grep, but for sets of numbers. * numprocess: Do mathematical operations on numbers. * numsum: Add up all the numbers. * numrandom: Generate a random number from a given expression. * numrange: Generate a set of numbers in a range expression. * numround: Round each number according to its value. . Homepage: http://suso.suso.org/programs/num-utils/

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