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r-cran-misc3d GNU R collection of 3d plot functions and rgl-based isosurfaces
Installed size 436
Maintainer Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.4-0-1
Depends r-base-core (>= 2.0.0), r-cran-rgl
Suggests r-cran-tkrplot
File name pool/main/m/misc3d/r-cran-misc3d_0.4-0-1_all.deb
Description This CRAN package provides a collection of miscellaneous 3d plots, including rgl-based isosurfaces: . contour3d Uses rgl to render isosurfaces, or three-dimensional contours, computed by the marching cubes algorithm. . image3d Crude 3d analog of image() using rgl to plot points on a three dimensional grid representing values in a three dimensional array. Assumes high values are inside and uses alpha blending to make outside points more transparent. . lines3d Draws connected line segments in an rgl window. . parametric3d Plots a two-parameter surface in three dimensions in rgl. Based on Mathematica's Param3D . slices3d Uses tkrplot to create an interactive slice view of three or four dimensional volume data, such as MRI data.

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