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r-other-gking-matchit GNU R package of nonparametric matching methods (dummy package)
Installed size 12
Maintainer Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.2-11-2
Depends r-cran-matchit
Suggests r-base-core, xpdf-reader | pdf-viewer
File name pool/main/m/matchit/r-other-gking-matchit_2.2-11-2_all.deb
Description MatchIt implements the suggestions of Ho, Imai, King, and Stuart (2004) for improving parametric statistical models by preprocessing data with nonparametric matching methods. . This package has been renamed to "r-cran-matchit"; this package exists only to provide seemless upgrades from Debian 3.1 (sarge), and can be safely removed after r-cran-matchit is installed.

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