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cdfs-src shows the tracks on a CD as normal files
Installed size 92
Maintainer Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.4.20.a+2.6.18-1
Depends module-assistant, debhelper, kernel-package, make, bzip2
Suggests www-browser, postscript-viewer
File name pool/main/c/cdfs-src/cdfs-src_2.4.20.a+2.6.18-1_all.deb
Description CDfs is a file system for Linux systems that `exports' all tracks and boot images on a CD as normal files. These files can then be mounted (e.g. for ISO and boot images), copied, played (WAVE audio and VideoCD tracks)... The primary goal for developing this file system was to `unlock' information in old ISO images.

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