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junior-arcade Debian Jr. arcade games
Installed size 36
Maintainer Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>
Architecture all
Version 1.10
Depends bugsquish, bumprace, circuslinux, cuyo, heroes, holotz-castle, koules, lbreakout2, madbomber, supertux, thrust, toppler, tuxmath, xscavenger, xsoldier, zblast-x11
Suggests jumpnbump-levels
File name pool/main/j/junior-arcade/junior-arcade_1.10_all.deb
Description This meta package will install arcade games suitable, in the opinion of the contributors to the Debian Jr. project, for children of all ages. Mastering most of these games requires dexterity and cognitive skills usually developed only in the older children (around ages 5 to 8). But the youngest children may enjoy watching older players, or just poking randomly at the controls, depending on the game.

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