Linux temps réel embarqué et outils de développements Technique


junior-writing Debian Jr. writing
Installed size 36
Maintainer Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca>
Architecture all
Version 1.5
Depends emacs21 | emacsen, vim, nedit, nano, dict, aspell, abiword | abiword-gnome
Suggests www-browser, postscript-viewer
File name pool/main/j/junior-writing/junior-writing_1.5_all.deb
Description This meta package will install tools for your budding young writers. Since there are a wide variety of opinions as to what constitutes the "best" text editor, a number are provided to choose from. A spell-checker and dictionary client are provided as well. Finally, abiword is included as our choice for a word processor.

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