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pgpool connection pool server for PostgreSQL
Installed size 220
Maintainer Peter Eisentraut <petere@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 3.1.1-1
Depends lsb-base, postgresql-common (>= 26), libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6)
Suggests postgresql-doc
File name pool/main/p/pgpool/pgpool_3.1.1-1_i386.deb
Description pgpool is a connection pool server for PostgreSQL, running between PostgreSQL's client and server. Any PostgreSQL client can connect to pgpool as if it's a real PostgreSQL server; pgpool caches the connection to the PostgreSQL server to reduce the overhead involved in establishing the connection to it. pgpool can also be used with two PostgreSQL servers for fail over purposes. If the first server goes down, pgpool will automatically switch to the secondary server. . Web site: http://pgpool.projects.postgresql.org/

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