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x-face-el utility for displaying X-Face on emacsen
Installed size 496
Maintainer Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats@debian.org>
Architecture all
Depends emacs21 | emacsen, compface
Suggests netpbm, bitmap-mule, imagemagick, select-xface, bbdb
File name pool/main/x/x-face-el/x-face-el_1.3.6.24-9_all.deb
Description X-Face utility provides X-Face encoder/decoder for emacsen. . For emacs21 users: This package includes the x-face-e21 feature (x-face-e21.el). It provides displaying an X-Face image inline. Also, it supports the Face field which contains a base64 encoded PNG image. If you want to scale Face images, install the netpbm package. . For xemacs21 users: Displaying an X-Face image inline is supported by the x-face-xmas feature (x-face-xmas.el). It is enabled by default. . For emacs20 users: You can display an X-Face image by the x-face-view function. The display command which is provided by the imagemagick package is used by default. If you want to display an X-Face image inline, install the bitmap-mule package which provides the x-face-mule feature (x-face-mule.el).

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