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xcal a graphical calendar with memos and reminder alarms
Installed size 248
Maintainer Lars Bahner <bahner@debian.org>
Architecture i386
Version 4.1-18.3
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), libice6, libsm6, libx11-6, libxaw7, libxext6, libxmu6, libxpm4, libxt6
Suggests gnuchess | phalanx, x-terminal-emulator
File name pool/main/x/xcal/xcal_4.1-18.3_i386.deb
Description The "classic" calendar app with memos and alarms, xcal normally sits idle and displays the date. When clicked on, pops up a `strip' for this month. Clicking on a day allows you to enter details. Automatically parses times entered, and reminds you 5 minutes before your appointment. . Supports daily and weekly repeating events and context-sensitive help.

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