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heimdal-kcm KCM for Heimdal Kerberos
Installed size 100
Maintainer Brian May <bam@snoopy.debian.net>
Architecture i386
Version 0.7.2.dfsg.1-10
Depends libasn1-6-heimdal, libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), libhdb7-heimdal, libkrb5-17-heimdal, libldap2 (>= 2.1.17-1), libroken16-heimdal, libssl0.9.8 (>= 0.9.8c-1)
Suggests heimdal-clients, heimdal-clients-x, heimdal-servers, heimdal-servers-x
File name pool/main/h/heimdal/heimdal-kcm_0.7.2.dfsg.1-10_i386.deb
Description Heimdal is a free implementation of Kerberos 5, that aims to be compatible with MIT Kerberos. . This package includes the KCM daemon. The kcm daemon can hold the credentials for all users in the system. Access control is done with Unix-like permissions. The daemon checks the access on all operations based on the uid and gid of the user. The tickets are renewed as long as is permitted by the KDC's policy.

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