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irssi-dev text-mode version of the irssi IRC client development files
Installed size 804
Maintainer David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com>
Architecture i386
Version 0.8.10-2
Depends irssi
Suggests irssi-scripts (>= 2)
File name pool/main/i/irssi/irssi-dev_0.8.10-2_i386.deb
Description Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems. It also supports SILC and ICB protocols via plugins. . Features include: * Autologging * Formats and themes * Configurable keybindings * Paste detection * Perl scripting * Irssi-proxy * Transparent upgrading * Recode support . This package includes the development files for the irssi client.

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