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mirror keeps FTP archives up-to-date
Installed size 780
Maintainer Ian Maclaine-cross <iml@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.9-53
Depends perl, netbase, patch
Suggests at, cron
File name pool/main/m/mirror/mirror_2.9-53_all.deb
Description Mirror uses the FTP protocol to locally duplicate remote host files and directories selected with Perl regular expressions. By default transfers only files missing locally or whose remote sizes or time-stamps have changed. Can reduce directory download using compressed listings in ls-lR.gz files or further using compressed differences of daily listings in ls-lR.patch.gz files. Can read mirrored Packages.gz files and mirror just their specified fraction of Debian from pool/. Amongst many flexible options it can gzip and split files. Tracks large distant FTP archives accurately with low download volume. . Simpler programs like "mirrordir", "rsync" or "wget" use less memory and may copy directory trees faster between local machines. . From mirror.tar.gz 2.9 in Perl by Lee McLoughlin.

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