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pbnj a suite of tools to monitor changes on a network
Installed size 224
Maintainer Joshua D. Abraham <jabra@ccs.neu.edu>
Architecture all
Version 2.04-2
Depends perl, nmap, libxml-twig-perl (>= 3.22), libnmap-parser-perl (>= 1.01), libdbd-sqlite3-perl (>= 1.11), libfile-which-perl (>= 0.05), libtext-csv-perl (>= 0.23), libfile-homedir-perl (>= 0.06), libyaml-perl (>= 0.39)
Suggests chpax
File name pool/main/p/pbnj/pbnj_2.04-2_all.deb
Description PBNJ is a network suite to monitor changes that occur on a network over time. It does this by checking for changes on the target machine(s), which includes the details about the services running on them as well as the service state. PBNJ parses the data from a scan and stores it in a database. PBNJ uses Nmap to perform scans.

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