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shaper Traffic shaper init script (cbq.init) for Linux
Installed size 172
Maintainer David B. Harris <dbharris@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.2.12-0.7.3-2.2
Depends debconf | debconf-2.0, iproute
Suggests jadetex, lynx, linuxdoc-tools
File name pool/main/s/shaper/shaper_2.2.12-0.7.3-2.2_all.deb
Description This init script sets up traffic shaping using Linux's class-based queueing. This can be used to build smart bandwidth shapers which understand TCP/IP. See /usr/share/doc/shaper/README.shaper.gz for more details. . The kernel support needed to use either of these facilities is described in README.Debian. . cbq.init comes from http://sourceforge.net/projects/cbqinit/

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