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spamoracle-byte A statistical analysis spam filter based on Bayes' formula
Installed size 960
Maintainer Debian OCaml Maintainers <debian-ocaml-maint@lists.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.4-8
Depends ocaml-base-nox-3.09.2
Suggests spamassassin
File name pool/main/s/spamoracle/spamoracle-byte_1.4-8_all.deb
Description SpamOracle, a.k.a. "Saint Peter", is a tool to help detect and filter away "spam" (unsolicited commercial e-mail). It proceeds by statistical analysis of the words that appear in the e-mail, comparing the frequencies of words with those found in a user-provided corpus of known spam and known legitimate e-mail. The classification algorithm is based on Bayes' formula, and is described in Paul Graham's paper, A plan for spam. . This program is designed to work in conjunction with procmail. The result of the analysis is output as an additional message header X-Spam:, followed by yes, no or unknown, plus additional details. A procmail rule can then test this X-Spam: header and deliver the e-mail to the appropriate mailbox. . This package contains the arch independent bytecode version. Consider using the faster nativecode version if it is available on your arch.

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