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ulogd The Netfilter Userspace Logging Daemon
Installed size 300
Maintainer Achilleas Kotsis <achille@debian.gr>
Architecture i386
Version 1.23-8
Depends libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6), debconf | debconf-2.0
Suggests ulogd-mysql, ulogd-pgsql, ulogd-pcap, ulogd-sqlite3
File name pool/main/u/ulogd/ulogd_1.23-8_i386.deb
Description ulogd is a daemon that listens for Netlink packets generated by iptables's ULOG target. Basically, it's a replacement for syslog for logging packets, and does a much better job - it logs to files, pcap files, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 3 and soon will be able to log remotely. . MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite 3 support is in separate packages, called ulogd-mysql, ulogd-pgsql and ulogd-sqlite3 respectively. pcap file support is in package called ulogd-pcap. . ulogd homepage: http://www.gnumonks.org/projects/ulogd

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