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whereami Automatically reconfigure your (laptop) system for a new location
Installed size 420
Maintainer Andrew McMillan <debian@mcmillan.net.nz>
Architecture all
Version 0.3.32
Depends perl, debconf (>= 1.2.9) | debconf-2.0, fping | iputils-ping | netbase | dhcp-client
Suggests pcmcia-cs, fping, net-tools, ifplugd, ethtool, squid | oops
File name pool/main/w/whereami/whereami_0.3.32_all.deb
Description whereami is a set of useful scripts and a coordinating system for automatically re-locating your computer within the current (network) environment. . Typically, you would use whereami to automatically detect and re-configure your laptop when you move between a variety of diverse networks and/or docking environments. . Although whereami will work best if all of your networks assign addresses through dhcp, this is not a pre-requisite and the system allows any technique to be used to ascertain the new location with as little ongoing user intervention as possible. . Having ascertained the correct location, whereami will run appropriate (user-configured) scripts to adjust the laptop operation to suit the current environment. . See the man pages for more information. You may also get useful assistance from the debian-laptop mailing list, which is frequented by several of the users and contributors.

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