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aub Assembles binary files from USENET
Installed size 196
Maintainer Benjamin Hill (Mako) <mako@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 2.2.1
Depends perl
Suggests binutils, arc, arj, bzip2, cpio, file, lzop, nomarch, rpm, unace, unarj, unzip, zip
File name pool/main/a/aub/aub_2.2.1_all.deb
Description AUB automatically assembles the pieces of multi-part Usenet postings and decodes them. A user-supplied configuration file tells which newsgroups AUB should monitor. The user can also supply a "hook" program, which tests each subject header and determines whether that particular file should be downloaded or not. . Resumed development resuming after 10 years of inactivity has given AUB the better documentation and the new abilities to decode Base64 files, perform NNTP authentication as well as a good deal of additional functionality.

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