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brag Downloads and assembles multipart Usenet binaries
Installed size 104
Maintainer Simon Kelley <simon@thekelleys.org.uk>
Architecture all
Version 1.4.1-2
Depends uudeview, tcl8.3 | tclsh
Suggests seaview, clustalw, xfig
File name pool/main/b/brag/brag_1.4.1-2_all.deb
Description Brag collects and assembles multipart binary attachements from newsgroups. This is a robust command-line tool, well suited to run as a cron job. * Collects and downloads multipart binary attachements * Supported encodings: uuencode, MIME base64 and yenc * Filters messages using accept/reject patterns * Optionally saves message subjects * Supports NNTP authentication * Supports non-default NNTP ports * Can combine parts from different newsgroups or even different servers * Bulletproof: Restarts from the last successful operation

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