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libapache-admin-config-perl a Perl module to read/write Apache like configuration files
Installed size 120
Maintainer Raphaël Pinson <raphink@ubuntu.com>
Architecture all
Version 0.94-1
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16)
Suggests libartsc0, libasound2, libaudio2, libesd0 | libesd-alsa0
File name pool/main/liba/libapache-admin-config-perl/libapache-admin-config-perl_0.94-1_all.deb
Description Apache::Admin::Config provides an object oriented interface to read and write Apache configuration files without affecting comments, indentation, or truncated lines. . You can easily extract information from Apache configuration files, or manage htaccess files. An advantage over Apache::ConfigFile is that you can modify configuration files on disk, and generate new ones. . The class was specifically written for a hosting provider, where it is used to add new clients, activate features, (un)lock directories using htaccess, etc. It can also come in handy for writing a one-shot migration script in a few lines. . Homepage: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Apache-Admin-Config/

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