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libcatalyst-modules-perl Modules for Catalyst
Installed size 1516
Maintainer Debian Catalyst Maintainers <pkg-catalyst-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 14
Depends perl (>= 5.8.0-7), libjson-perl, libhtml-prototype-perl, libuniversal-isa-perl, libuniversal-can-perl, liblog-log4perl-perl, libcatalyst-perl (>= 5.7005), libfile-slurp-perl, libcatalyst-view-tt-perl, libtemplate-plugin-class-perl, libpath-class-perl, libdevel-stacktrace-perl, libobject-signature-perl, libcache-cache-perl, libclass-throwable-perl, libset-object-perl, libdbix-class-perl, libhtml-widget-perl, libdbix-class-schema-loader-perl, librpc-xml-perl, libparams-validate-perl, libcache-fastmmap-perl, liblocale-maketext-simple-perl, liblocale-maketext-lexicon-perl, libdata-visitor-perl, libtest-www-mechanize-perl, libconfig-any-perl
Suggests libconfig-tiny-perl, libxml-simple-perl, libconfig-general-perl, libyaml-perl
File name pool/main/libc/libcatalyst-modules-perl/libcatalyst-modules-perl_14_all.deb
Description This package includes some modules to enhance Catalyst. It demands many perl modules to keep dependency but they are relatively small. . Currently the following modules are included: . Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst . Catalyst::Action::RenderView Sensible default end action. . Catalyst::Log::Log4perl Log::Log4perl logging for Catalyst . Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class . Catalyst::Plugin::Cache Flexible caching support for Catalyst. . Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader Load config files of various types . Catalyst::Plugin::DefaultEnd Sensible default end action . Catalyst::Plugin::HTML::Widget HTML Widget And Validation Framework for Catalyst . Catalyst::Plugin::Prototype Some stuff to make Prototype fun. . Catalyst::Plugin::Session Generic Session plugin, ties together server side storage and client side state required to maintain session data. . Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace Display a stack trace on the debug screen . Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple Make serving static pages painless . Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest Make subrequests to actions in Catalyst . Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode Unicode aware Catalyst . Catalyst::Devel Catalyst Development Tools . Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Store::FastMmap FastMmap cache store for Catalyst::Plugin::Cache . Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie Maintain session IDs using cookies. . Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBI Store your sessions in a database. DBI Interface . Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBIC Store your sessions via DBIx::Class . Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::Delegate Delegate session storage to an application model object. . Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap FastMmap session storage backend. . Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::File File storage backend for session data. . Catalyst::View::JSON JSON view for your data . Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework. . Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::DBIC A user object representing an entry in a database. . Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL ACL support for Catalyst applications. . Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles Role based authorization build on Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication. . Catalyst::Plugin::Dumper Data::Dumper plugin for Catalyst . Catalyst::Plugin::I18N I18N for Catalyst . Catalyst::Plugin::PageCache Cache the output of entire pages . Catalyst::Plugin::Server Base Server plugin for RPC-able protocols . Catalyst::Plugin::XMLRPC Dispatch XMLRPC methods with Catalyst

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