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libchatbot-eliza-perl Eliza chat bot interface module for Perl
Installed size 232
Maintainer Misha Nasledov <misha@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 1.04-2
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16)
Suggests libgd1-noxpm | libgd1, libgd-noxpm-dev | libgd-dev, httpd
File name pool/main/c/chatbot-eliza/libchatbot-eliza-perl_1.04-2_all.deb
Description This package contains the Chatbot::Eliza module, an interface to write programs utilizing the classic Eliza algorithm. The original Eliza program was written by Joseph Weizenbaum and described in the Communications of the ACM in 1967. Eliza is a mock Rogerian psychotherapist. It prompts for user input, and uses a simple transformation algorithm to change user input into a follow-up question. The program is designed to give the appearance of understanding.

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