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libclass-container-perl Glues object frameworks together transparently
Installed size 108
Maintainer Charles Fry <cfry@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.12-2
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16), libparams-validate-perl (>= 0.23)
Suggests perl (>= 5.8.2) | libscalar-util-perl
File name pool/main/libc/libclass-container-perl/libclass-container-perl_0.12-2_all.deb
Description This class facilitates building frameworks of several classes that inter-operate. It was first designed and built for HTML::Mason, in which the Compiler, Lexer, Interpreter, Resolver, Component, Buffer, and several other objects must create each other transparently, passing the appropriate parameters to the right class, possibly substituting their own subclass for any of these objects. . The main features of Class::Container are: . * Declaration of parameters used by each member in a class framework . * Transparent passing of constructor parameters to the class that needs them . * Ability to create one (automatic) or many (manual) contained objects automatically and transparently

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