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libextutils-xsbuilder-perl Automatic XS glue code generation
Installed size 256
Maintainer Angus Lees <gus@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.27-1
Depends libparse-recdescent-perl, libtie-ixhash-perl, perl (>= 5.6.0-16)
Suggests libsort-versions-perl
File name pool/main/libe/libextutils-xsbuilder-perl/libextutils-xsbuilder-perl_0.27-1_all.deb
Description ExtUtils::XSBuilder is a set of modules to parse C header files and create XS glue code and documentation from it. . Ideally this allows you to "write" an interface to a C library without coding a line. Although this module automates much of the process, you must still be familiar with C and XS programming since no C API is ideal and usually some adjuments are necessary. When the C API changes, most of the time you only have to rerun XSBuilder to get your new Perl API.

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