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libhttp-cache-transparent-perl Perl module used to transparently cache HTTP requests
Installed size 80
Maintainer Bart Martens <bartm@knars.be>
Architecture all
Version 0.7-1
Depends perl (>= 5.8.0), perl-modules, libwww-perl (>= 5.6.5)
Suggests libipc-sharedcache-perl
File name pool/main/libh/libhttp-cache-transparent-perl/libhttp-cache-transparent-perl_0.7-1_all.deb
Description This is the CPAN module HTTP::Cache::Transparent. . HTTP::Cache::Transparent is an implementation of HTTP GET that keeps a local cache of fetched pages to avoid fetching the same data from the server if it hasn't been updated. The cache is stored on disk and is thus persistent between invocations. . The http-headers If-Modified-Since and ETag are used to let the server decide if the version in the cache is up-to-date or not. All http-requests are made through the LWP module. Data is stored on disk by the Storable module. Digest::MD5 is used for creating a hash of the URL. . http://search.cpan.org/~mattiash/HTTP-Cache-Transparent/

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