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liblingua-en-inflect-number-perl Force number of words to singular or plural
Installed size 72
Maintainer Bart Martens <bartm@knars.be>
Architecture all
Version 1.1-4
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16), liblingua-en-inflect-perl
Suggests ri1.8
File name pool/main/libl/liblingua-en-inflect-number-perl/liblingua-en-inflect-number-perl_1.1-4_all.deb
Description This module extends the functionality of Lingua::EN::Inflect (the liblingua-en-inflect-perl package) with three new functions. . number() takes a word, and determines its number. It returns whether the word is singular, plural, or ambiguous for words that can be either singular or plural. . Based on the number() function there are to_S() and to_PL() which take a word and convert it forcefully either to singular or to plural. In Lingua::EN::Inflect funny things happen if you try to pluralise an already-plural word, but this module does the right thing. . Homepage: http://search.cpan.org/~simon/Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number/

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