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libnet-ldap-perl A Client interface to LDAP servers
Installed size 824
Maintainer Florian Ragwitz <rafl@debianforum.de>
Architecture all
Version 1
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16), libconvert-asn1-perl, libmime-base64-perl, libwww-perl
Suggests libio-socket-ssl-perl, liburi-perl, libdigest-md5-perl, libxml-parser-perl, libauthen-sasl-perl, libxml-sax-perl
File name pool/main/libn/libnet-ldap-perl/libnet-ldap-perl_0.33-2_all.deb
Description The perl-ldap distribution is a collection of perl modules which provide an object orientated interface to LDAP servers. . The perl-ldap distribution has several advantages: * By using the perl object interface the perl-ldap modules provide programmers with an interface which allows complex searches of LDAP directories with only a small amount of code. * All the perl-ldap modules are written entirely in perl, which means that the library is truly cross-platform compatible. No C or XS extension are used so no C compiler is needed to install the modules.

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