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libplucene-perl A Perl port of the Lucene search engine
Installed size 664
Maintainer Dominic Hargreaves <dom@earth.li>
Architecture all
Version 1.24-1
Depends perl (>= 5.8.4), libtime-piece-perl (>= 1.08), libclass-virtual-perl (>= 0.03), liblingua-stem-perl (>= 0.81), libtie-array-sorted-perl (>= 1.1), libclass-accessor-perl, libbit-vector-minimal-perl (>= 1.0), libio-stringy-perl (>= 2.104), libfile-slurp-perl (>= 2002.1031)
Suggests libcompress-zlib-perl
File name pool/main/libp/libplucene-perl/libplucene-perl_1.24-1_all.deb
Description Plucene is a fully-featured and highly customizable search engine toolkit based on the Lucene API. (http://jakarta.apache.org/lucene) . It is not, in and of itself, a functional search engine - you are expected to subclass and tie all the pieces together to suit your own needs. The synopsis above gives a rough indication of how to use the engine in simple cases. See Plucene::Simple for one example of tying it all together.

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