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libwiki-toolkit-plugin-locator-grid-perl A Wiki
Installed size 84
Maintainer Dominic Hargreaves <dom@earth.li>
Architecture all
Version 0.05-3
Depends perl (>= 5.6.0-16), libwiki-toolkit-perl
Suggests libwfmath-doc
File name pool/main/libw/libwiki-toolkit-plugin-locator-grid-perl/libwiki-toolkit-plugin-locator-grid-perl_0.05-3_all.deb
Description Access to and calculations using co-ordinate metadata supplied to a Wiki::Toolkit wiki when writing a node. . Note: This is read-only access. If you want to write to a node's metadata, you need to do it using the write_node method of Wiki::Toolkit. . We assume that the points are located on a flat, square grid with unit squares of side 1 metre.

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