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pymacs interface between Emacs Lisp and Python
Installed size 528
Maintainer Alexandre Fayolle <afayolle@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 0.22-6
Depends python, python-central (>= 0.4.11), emacsen-common
Suggests python-numeric
File name pool/main/p/pymacs/pymacs_0.22-6_all.deb
Description Pymacs is a powerful tool which, once started from Emacs, allows both-way communication between Emacs Lisp and Python. Pymacs aims Python as an extension language for Emacs rather than the other way around, and this asymmetry is reflected in some design choices. Within Emacs Lisp code, one may load and use Python modules. Python functions may themselves use Emacs services, and handle Emacs Lisp objects kept in Emacs Lisp space. . Homepage: http://pymacs.progiciels-bpi.ca/

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