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python-scipy-core low level utilities for scipy
Installed size 5540
Maintainer José Fonseca <j_r_fonseca@yahoo.co.uk>
Architecture i386
Version 0.3.2-7.1
Depends python-central (>= 0.5), python (<< 2.5), python (>= 2.3), python-numeric, python-numeric-ext
Suggests python-profiler
File name pool/main/p/python-scipy-core/python-scipy-core_0.3.2-7.1_i386.deb
Description SciPy is an open source library of scientific tools for Python. SciPy supplements the popular Numeric module, gathering a variety of high level science and engineering modules together as a single package. . The scipy-core modules includes * scipy_test: scipy's autesting framework * scipy_distutils: distutils extensions to handle FORTRAN source code, f2py and several issues in the scipy build process * scipy_base: basic functions for type handling, array manipulation, matrix manipulation, polynomials, parallel execution, import tricks * weave: C/C++ code inlining with python . If your program needs scipy, you'll need to install python-scipy which depends on this package. . Homepage: http://www.scipy.org/

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