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python-simpletal Simple TAL, TALES and METAL implementation
Installed size 324
Maintainer Igor Stroh <jenner@debian.org>
Architecture all
Version 4.1-6
Depends python (>= 2.2), python-support (>= 0.2)
Suggests python-wxgtk2.6 | python-wxgtk
File name pool/main/s/simpletal/python-simpletal_4.1-6_all.deb
Description SimpleTAL is a reimplementation of the ZOPE TAL (Template Attribute Language), TALES (TAL Expression Syntax) and METAL (Macro Expansion for TAL) languages. More information and specifications of these languages is available at http://www.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ZPT/FrontPage .

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