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python-urlgrabber A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber.
Installed size 260
Maintainer Anand Kumria <wildfire@progsoc.org>
Architecture i386
Version 2.9.9-1
Depends python2.4, python, python-support (>= 0.2)
Suggests python-tk, python-gtk2, python-glade2, python-qt3, python-wxgtk2.6, python-profiler
File name pool/main/u/urlgrabber/python-urlgrabber_2.9.9-1_i386.deb
Description Python urlgrabber drastically simplifies the fetching of files. It is designed to be used in programs that need common (but not necessarily simple) url-fetching features. . It supports identical behavior for http://, ftp:// and file:/// URIs, HTTP keepalive, byte ranges, regets, progress meters, throttling, retries, access to authenticated http / ftp servers and proxies and the ability to treat a list of mirrors as a single source automatically switching mirrors if there is a failure. .

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