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python-zsi Zolera Soap Infrastructure
Installed size 964
Maintainer Tristan Seligmann <mithrandi@mithrandi.za.net>
Architecture all
Version 1.7-2
Depends python-xml, python, python-central (>= 0.4.15)
Suggests python-xmms, python2.3-xmms, python2.4-xmms
File name pool/main/z/zsi/python-zsi_1.7-2_all.deb
Description ZSI is a Python package that provides an implementation of SOAP messaging, as described in The SOAP 1.1 Specification. In particular, ZSI parses and generates SOAP messages, and converts between native Python datatypes and SOAP syntax. It can also be used to build applications using SOAP Messages with Attachments. ZSI is ``transport neutral'', and provides only a simple I/O and dispatch framework; a more complete solution is the responsibility of the application using ZSI. . This package contains the wsdl2py tool as well as all documentation and makes sure the right ZSI package for the default Debian python version is installed.

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