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crip terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool
Installed size 124
Maintainer Timo Schneider <timo.schneider@s2004.tu-chemnitz.de>
Architecture all
Version 3.7-3
Depends perl, cdparanoia, libcddb-get-perl, vorbis-tools, vorbisgain, flac, sox
Suggests libwww-perl, libtime-hires-perl, libsnmp-perl
File name pool/main/c/crip/crip_3.7-3_all.deb
Description crip creates Ogg Vorbis/FLAC/MP3 files under UNIX/Linux. It is well-suited for anyone (especially the perfectionist) who seeks to make a lot of files from CDs and have them all properly labeled and professional-quality with a minimum of hassle and yet still have flexibility and full control over everything. Current versions of crip only support Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. . This script is special because it is the only one that I know that is capable of doing group vorbisgain/replaygain and/or normalization (adjust the volume to be as loud as possible without clipping/distortion) and group labelling/tagging, which makes it easy to allow a group of tracks to be treated as one piece. It can also trim off the silence at the beginning and end of these tracks/groups.

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